Tango With Wave


In bikini

delicate ankles


sipping martini

Hazel eyes

behind binoculars

Staring at sea

She sighed

Under an umbrella

Throat dry

Skin cracked

Temperature raised

By Sun

Turned down

His love

Now sends rays

As fire

From dawn

To dusk


Shore longed

For Wave

Every day

Run to me

Come to me

She sang

This time

Wave heard

Grand entrance

Stood high

Head brushing sky

Shoulders broad

Mouth split

With a hint

Of a smile

Sparkling teeth

With a glint

Of sun

Waves roared

speedily raced

Across sea

Foaming in rush

So Majestic

Unlike Wind

Who ruffled perms

And rumpled dress

With his breath

So annoying

His suggestion

Wave is dangerous

Wind’s just jealous



Bent precariously

Close to Shore

She twirled

In the spritz

From his lips

Tango with me

Don’t be shy

She said

Wave leaped

On shore

She gladly melted

In wet embrace

golden coarseness

Turned silk

Sweet affair

At first

But wait!

Shore can’t breath

Embrace too tight

Tango too fast


She screamed


In high speed

Rushed to help

But instead became

A hurricane

Causing more destruction

Along the way…


Nature’s Smile

The garden of Eden

Nature’s Mad

A devil’s racecourse




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