My World Climate Story

On the 16th of November 2016, to coincide with the United Nations Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, known as ‘COP 22 ,’ I facilitated a World Climate Simulation. It was very fulfilling to have the opportunity to disseminate the same knowledge I gained from previous Simulations especially now that the Paris Agreement on climate change has entered into force. 

My enthusiasm was equally matched with the participants excitement to negotiate. They totally immersed themselves in the role play to ensure that a temperature of below 1.5°C was achieved. The event which was held at the United Nations Information Centre, Lagos was like a symbol of progress to me.

The reflections from some of the participants:

It was a great experience to be one of the delegates. As a public health student, I was able to relate with the effects of climate change,which will also increase the incidence of diseases in the country. I hope this topic will be incorporated into our syllables in school. Most importantly, it was brilliant seeing the effects of our commitments first hand using C Roads. It made me more enthusiastic to be a voice for change.
Kingdavid Peter

It was really an innovative and educative simulation, one in which I hope to attend at all times…  together we can make earth a better place.                                          Uzor Nkemdi

Everyone is affected by climate change and everyone should work towards keeping the earth conducive for living. It was very interactive and educative. The bathtub analogy illustrated the need to begin reducing emissions now because the atmosphere (bathtub) is already saturated with Carbondioxide. Each delegate proposed how participative and committed they will be to prevent climate change process. It takes immediate action to make it work!  Julian Agoziem

I learnt a lot about Climate change, how it affects our immediate environment and the world at large. I also learnt about the various measures developed, developing and undeveloped countries need to take  to reduce if not eradicate its effects.The C roads model was really helpful. It showed how the various pledges would have an effect on climate change by monitoring how the pledges would affect the global atmospheric temperature. I also learnt that Climate change awareness begins with me and it’s my right to help people in my immediate environment know the effects of Climate change and also contribute in their own little ways to help stop it.                              Moses Ogbaje

I got to experience how leaders make critical decisions that may have life or death implications. I understood that citizens especially youths should play their roles to ensure that their voices are heard and their plights are taken into consideration. Climate change is not a government affair, every individual is involved.                                          Emmanuel Onichabor

I am inspired today by Queen to reduce my carbon footprints and ensure that everybody will do the same. I want to add more value to the earth which is home to us all.                                                       Raphael Godwin 

The delegates representating the six regions. 

Just as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged everyone gathered in Marrakech, Morocco, for the United Nations Climate Conference,  I also urge every one “from the local to the global” – including the private sector, cities and civil society, to get involved in the implementation of the Paris Agreement .

“We need everyone. We need action. Partnerships should focus on results today – and make progress for the long-term” 

“We have no time to waste, and much to gain, by acting now,” 
                                           Queen Egbe


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