Scintillating Salsa

​Salsa is a mélange of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances.The name ‘Salsa’ which also means sauce originated from New York, though ‘the big apple’ did not create the dance.

I have a connection with both its Afro-Caribbean roots and New york, Unfortunately those connections did not personally introduce me to Salsa.

It was Miriam and two of her European friends on a girls night out. When we got to the Salsa place, which was actually a bar with a large stage outside, people were already dancing and having a nice time. Undaunted, I rehearsed the basic steps and after a few minutes of instruction I felt like a pro.

I got so much in tune with salsa that my dance partner wanted to know where I learnt how to dance with ease and fluidity.

Hint:  Watching all those dance movies and rehearsing in front of the mirror has paid off.

I had to dance with some instructors drenched in cold sweat (he was literally dripping), Luckily Salsa is not a very close body contact dance like rhumba and tango! 

At a point we switched patners and I danced with a guy who spoke words I could not understand. I tried to speak to him in English, French, German but none worked. He twirled me from one end of the stage to the other so fast, kicking his legs like it was martial art –Bruce Lee?

The best part of dancing was the dip, I absolutely loved it. I tried it a couple of times though it was not part of the routine. It felt so liberating.

The last song of the evening was playing, there was a paucity of dancers on stage, Yet, it was easy to find dance partners for my friends.

When I finally stole some minutes to catch my breath and dap my forehead like sexy salsa dancer . I was able to deduce…

Five things I learnt from my first official salsa class 

1) Everybody is sweaty… I dislike sweat or touching your’s truly but  I had to live with it.

2) You can step on as many feet as possible, nobody will be specifically upset. It’s mutual.

3)It is the only place you can actually talk to anyone you like freely, just ask for a dance

4)You don’t have to be the best dancer in the world, nobody cares.

5) Music is an international language, don’t  say a word, just dance!


1 Comment

  1. Ride on queen, salsa is meant for gentle, calm, soul touching people with creativity,
    😄 You can never do the dance in Nigeria, where anyone can get angry for a little mistake😄


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