WorldClimate Week

As I prepared for WorldClimate Week, May 15 – 22, 2017, I recalled my first simulation less than a year ago and how I was spurred into Climate Action by Grace Mwaure of Climate Interactive. The week was also emotional for me because the young African leaders I had inspired also held  WorldClimate Simulations in Liberia!!! Read the full story about their first simulation with me during the YALI WorldClimate in April 2017

WorldClimate Week was a success from Nigeria all the way to Liberia. This time not only were the university students inspired but secondary school students became aware about Climate Change, It’s effects and the need for Climate Action.

Like a proud mother I would like my former delegates, who were very motivated to host a simulation to be in the limelight.

 Edwin C. Mends-Cole and Francis Moore from Liberia

 I, Edwin C. Mends-Cole assisted by Francis Moore and Austin N. Sieh facilitated a simulation to observe the World Climate Week. The Simulation brought together students from Triumph Mission High School Brewerville, Liberia to discuss, negotiate, and commit themselves to reducing carbon emission as per their regions  and contribute to the global fund drive to mitigating climate change. 

This is the first time in Liberia that WorldClimate week is celebrated. We had to do a lot of planning to ensure that it was a success. We had to start from explaining what Climate Change really is, (Causes and effects), the need to get involved in the fight against climate change as individuals and why it was necessary to celebrate world climate week. 

After a very long and hectic deliberation, the students became very interested and began availing themselves for the simulation. 

During the exercise, they were able to collaborate and negotiate to reduce temperature below 2C.  After a very hectic discussion, statistics collected using the C ROADS saw them reducing the average temperature to exactly 2C. 
Lot of commitment were made in reducing carbon emissions per their various regions.

As part of our commitment, we will continue to carry out climate Change sensitization, awareness, and Simulation in various schools across Liberia continuing with Secondary Schools and subsequently in Various universities and communities.

Let’s keep negotiating a Global Climate Agreement one simulation at a time!



  1. Great job. You inspired me everyday to do more. Meeting you was a great blessing for me. Thanks to YALI for bringing you along.


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