YALI WorldClimate

During the Young African Leaders Initiative West Africa Cohort 6 in Accra, Ghana, I was energized to share a WorldClimate experience with young Africa leaders from Nine West African countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Togo, Sierre Leone, Benin, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Côte d’ivore

Even though the YALI program was choke-full with activities everyday, my delegates were still interested in the Simulation. Finally, On the 6th of April 2017, I facilitated a WorldClimate Simulation and had some very dedicated delegates who were so absorbed in the process that they did not want it to end.

 Some of their inspiring reflections:

My name is Isata Esther Sesay and am from Sierra Leone.

The climate change simulation was indeed a wonderful experience for me. It all started one Tuesday morning I met a wonderful lady who believe in me by the name of Queen. She encouraged me to take part in the WorldClimate simulation and that I should represent China.My first response was I have never done a simulation before although I knew about climate change. She is a very goal oriented person so she was able to convinced me to be part of it.

Lo and behold  through this climate change simulation I got a better understanding about climate change, green house gasses and the effects. I saw myself negotiating for a better environment. Although I represented China which was a big challenge because they are contributing immensely to green house gasses which subsequently leads to climate change, our team was able to come up with solutions in combating the climate change.

This simulation has indeed broaden my horizon. Indeed we should help to protect our planet by planting of trees, conserve energy, use more of renewable energy. Above all be the change in your community and let preserve our planet for the next generation.

Bolu Michael-Biyi, Nigeria

Despite the fact I had prior knowledge about climate change, I learned new things, I got to understand better what needs to be done in making the world safer in its simplest form. The event was very organised, the organiser, Queen-Esther communicated properly and was very timely, the event was also very interesting, the arguments between nations and the ideas brought on the floor were amazing. I learnt about C ROADS and it made our commitments come alive

Edwin Mendscole from Liberia
I had a great experience during the WorldClimate Simulation. I learned the importance of the Paris Agreement and how we can commit ourselves to mitigating global warming and climate change. I was also able to negotiate with different nation representatives in reaching a consensus to fight climate change.

We also committed ourselves to taking serious actions within our capacities to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere through reduction of fossil fuel, reducing deforestations and increasing reforestation and afforestation. One thing that greatly caught my mind was the arrangement of the seats per countries and the kind of luxuries the participants from America and the European Union were afforded.  It was a memorable experience I will never forget about; and I’m going to use the knowledge gained to organize my own simulation on climate change here in Liberia between high school students to understand the urgency in taking actions to reducing green house gases. 

Thank you Queen Esther for reawakening the spirit within me to take action to reduce the emission of green house gases.

On the 10th of April, it was also an honour to facilitate another WorldClimate Simulation with Prof. Richard Boateng, Dean of the University of Ghana Business School. It was a very grand event with over one hundred and twenty youths in attendance.

I’m glad that African youths are fired up for Climate Action 



  1. All what you said are facts but the question I have is, are the African leaders (political leaders, traditional leaders) especially in Nigeria, teaching the upcoming youth, that have the opportunity to become future leaders in any government parastatal what they can do to make the climate environment better and forget embezzling money to better their own selfish life. ✌🏿


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