WorldClimate Week

As I prepared for WorldClimate Week, May 15 – 22, 2017, I recalled my first simulation less than a year…

YALI WorldClimate

During the Young African Leaders Initiative West Africa Cohort 6 in Accra, Ghana, I was energized to share a WorldClimate…

Members of the Fourth Estate

​ As the world celebrates #WorldPressFreedomDay today, I am ‘logospired’ to expand our vocabulary with the term ‘fourth estate’. In…

World book day

Sandra hopes that her first published work will be more than an opuscule #worldbookday

Holocaust Remembrance Day

It is no longer the 1940s but we are still plagued with the carnage of today. #InternationalHolocaustRememberanceDay #January27 #UnitedNations #logospiration